11-year-old boy who had saved money for lemonade stand was scammed by a man

11-year-old boy was scammed by a man who gave him a fake $100 bill for change

11-year-old boy scammed by a man: As per a police source, an 11-year-old boy Jeremy who saved up his money(11yearold who saved up money) for a lemonade stand in Washington was cheated by a man who gave him a fake $100 bill and asked him for the exact change(asked for exact change).

11-year-old boy scammed by a man

A 11-year-old kid in Everett, Washington, was misled by a man drinking from the kid’s lemonade stand with a fake $100 greenback, the police said.

A Facebook post by the Everett Police Department said an 11-year-old named Jeremy spent his recompense cash to set up a lemonade stand to bring in additional money throughout the late spring when a man moved toward the kid with a phony $100 note.

The Facebook post said the man purchased a beverage from Jeremy with the fake bill yet requested careful change, to which Jeremy could give just $85 utilizing his remittance. Jeremy found out the $100 note was a phony when he attempted to buy something at a nearby service station, as per the Everett Police Department.

The police on Friday shared a GoFundMe page set up by Amy Steenfott, who recognized herself as a neighbour of Jeremy’s loved ones. She composed that she was looking for $250 “to assist with covering his misfortune and give him additional assets to grow his endeavor perhaps.”

The GoFundMe had raised more than $9,000 at the hour of this composition.

“He is a focused kid between his lemonade stand, which is far beyond lemonade (If you’re steadily needing cotton treats you know who to see), cutting neighbor’s yards, and scooping snow in the colder time of year,” Steenfott wrote on GoFundMe. “He fantasises claiming his own candy machine business later on.”

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