The accused who beheaded his ex-girlfriend on the road has been arrested

The accused who beheaded his ex-girlfriend on the road has been arrested

Jose Rafael Solano Landeta, 33, was captured on manslaughter allegations after he killed(beheaded his ex-girlfriend) his ex, Karina Castro, 27, around 11:50 a.m. Thursday outside her loft in the Narrows Region city of San Carlos during a homegrown debate. As indicated by the San Mateo District Sheriff’s Office, witnesses waved to police during the assault, yet when officials showed up, Castro was at that point dead. Nearby media detailed the weapon was a sword, yet specialists depicted it just as a “cutting instrument”.

beheaded his ex-girlfriend

Castro is a mother of two youngsters, one of whom is Landeta’s 1-year-old little girl. After the assault, Landetta escaped by walking around two traffic lights away, yet later got back to the crime location unarmed, sheriff’s authorities said. He was captured and imprisoned, where he stays without bail.

“I miss her generally,” Karina’s dad, Martin Castro, told KRON4. “My heart is unfilled without her. She was my dearest companion.”

On Friday, he cried at the location of the homicide. A few of Karina Castro’s companions composed tributes to her on Facebook. Marisela Macedo, one of Castro’s companions, told the San Francisco Annal that Castro had communicated dread for her life on Instagram Live hours before the killing.

“She was discussing the dad of her youngster,” Macedo told the paper. “She said he had his sights set on her.”

A delegate for the application’s parent organization Meta didn’t quickly answer BuzzFeed News’ solicitation for input on the report. San Carlos City chairman Sarah McDowell said in an explanation that the local area was stunned by the “heartbreaking” murder.

“”City Gathering and its workers join our local area in expressing our deepest sympathies to the two young children who lost their mother in this horrific and senseless display of cruelty, and to the families, companions and loved ones of each victim. Who will suffer this tragedy? Well,” she said.

In the interim, a GoFundMe account has been set up for the Castro family. “Her family is destroyed by her terrible homicide,” the GoFundMe depiction says. “She leaves  1 year and 7year old lovely two little girls,”

The People group Underpinning of San Carlos and the City of San Carlos has laid out a blessing store for the offspring of Karina Castro. As indicated by the site, 100 percent of the gift goes to her youngsters.

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